How long is it gonna be from this moment till one day I could totally forget about you?

1 year?  two years?...or too long to imagine, so that we called "one day".

One day, we will meet someone special.

maybe we will get marry with this someone special.

and also will have a baby with this someone special.

that's the life will be, that's we say about future.

that's we say, life will go on, and everything will be fine.

If our life is going to be on this way, how about the passed?

the passed life we've shared with each other, the wonderful things we've done for each other.

is it so easy to forget, is it so easy to get through?

I don't even know why people keep say that everything will get thought, and it will be fine.

when we say that, do we also deny all passed thing we've done before?

so dear you,

did you also forget all of about me cause you need the faith to go through all of this?

if you do, it's hard say that I'm fine with that.

But also I feel kinna happy for you, cause you do your best to go your own way.

And no matter what's gonna happen in the future, I will keep you in my mind.

cause I know, you are the best thing I've met in my life, and now is forever and ever.

If one day, unexpectedly I  come into your mind, wish that you have the same feeling like me right this moment.





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